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Incentives for Nondiscriminatory Wellness Programs in Group Health Plans30-Jul-2013

This document contains final regulations, consistent with the Affordable Care Act, regarding nondisc..

Launch of HealthXSolutions14-Feb-2011

HealthX is working with Business and Industry to deliver a new health care strategy that is pa..

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Health X Solutions was founded to provide comprehensive health management solutions and consulting services for Employee Populations, Government Divisions and Physician Groups.  We strive to offer cutting edge programs that are at the forefront of the health care revolution currently underway.

Hx Accountable Wellness Program: Is your company looking for ways to reduce healthcare costs, decrease absenteeism, and mitigate the risks of workplace injury and illness? Health X Solutions has launched a game-changing health-compliance program that is designed to promote a healthier workforce while offering considerable cost savings to the employer. Taking advantage of recently implemented Obamacare rules requiring universal coverage, we have developed a program that bases your employees’ health insurance premiums on individual compliance.

Strategic Health X Management:  Our mission is to assist our clients in need of health management services to evaluate and analyze their current health risks for their covered population, identify opportunities for improvements in benefit utilization within their plan, and begin developing a new health culture, within the client company. This system will encourage the individual member to become more engaged and aware of their own health and the associated costs related to improving their health.  Ultimately, we strive to maximize the efficient utilization of your plan, increasing health and productivity of each employee, while simultaneously stabilizing or reducing overall health care costs.  The Health X Team will navigate you through the complex health care revolution taking place right now, placing you at the forefront among all your competitors.

A Core Foundation- incorporating the basic program structure, patient flows, protocols and medical advisory and oversight components into your employee health benefit programs

Client Specific Strategies- customize solutions, educational programs, and protocols, which are tailored to your industry and the direct health risks of your population.  Additionally, facility networks can be established to better monitor each member, allow for more convenient points of service and provide extended hour’s availability for our members to visit an affiliated center, allowing for an alternative to the emergency room for many after hours health issues.